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Helping creatives & idea people climb SUPPLY CHAIN MOUNTAIN

At Oomph, we know what a monumental task dealing with the never-ending avalanche of issues that come with taking a product or idea and bringing it to life. We will handle all things supply chain for you from manufacturing and logistics to reporting, distribution and fulfillment. And, we will keep you fully in the loop along the way.

Clients we've worked with

Case Studies

Some brainstorms that we helped turn into businesses.

Cards Against Humanity

Hey, There’s a Card Game in My Ice Pop!

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We! and Me

Making The Connection

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Luke Crane

Publishing Luke Crane’s Books on Role-Playing Games

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Cards Against Humanity

Let’s Give Away An Island

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Turning a Clever Game Into a Collector’s Item

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Magic Puzzles

Oomph, The Magic Behind The Success of Magic Puzzles

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Secret Hitler

How We Helped Turn This Game Into a Worldwide Phenomenon

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Exploding Kittens

Delivering 400,000 Games With a Box That “Meows”

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Joking Hazard

This Successful Launch Was No Joke

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Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

See Case Study
Workers packing Cards Against Humanity popcorn packs

The Oomph Formula

We know supply chain and will navigate it on your behalf after a thorough onboarding process and provide you with a 24/7 reporting dashboard.

The We-Navigate-the-Nitty-Gritty Oomphrastructure

At Oomph, we have combined decades of experience and have developed a supply chain “Oomphrastructure” that allows us to manufacture, distribute, sell and manage on your behalf – in essence, we do all of the nitty gritty for you so that you can create and market.

Oomph File Onboarding

In order for us to be able to bring your product to market or idea to fruition, we will need a plethora of oomphormation regarding everything from product specifications to tax information. We will ask you a multitude of questions in developing what we call your “Oomph File”, an oomphormation gathering effort that is imperative for what we do.

Oomphormation Station Data Dashboard

A key part of the services we provide is 24/7 access to the “Oomphormation Station”, a reporting dashboard that gives you data driven reporting on where things stand with respect to bringing your product or idea to market.

Retailers we work with

TJ Max
Calendar Club
Uncommon Goods
Barnes & Noble

What clients are saying

    "Oomph has been a great partner for Cards Against Humanity since our very beginnings. Far beyond reliably providing the full supply-chain for all our products—from manufacturing through fulfillment of big-box POs—they've been creative problem-solvers for us on many zany projects: sourcing and shipping actual bull sh*t, assembling apocalyptic bug-out bags, developing custom mayonnaise with packs of cards inside the mayo . . . just to name a few. They are lovely people with an admirable "get it done" approach."

    The team

    Cards Against Humanity

    "After an endless search for a manufacturer to produce our card game 'How Deep Will You Go?', I stumbled upon Oomph. I saw that they manufactured 'Cards Against Humanity' which was a huge plus, and told me on the spot that this is a reputable company. We've been working with them for about a year now, and there's one thing I can say that stands out above the rest. Their communication. That is the most important part of the process, and Amy does an amazing job at it. Whatever question I have, she's on it. I've also had a couple meetings with the owner, Shari, and she's so down to earth. I'm sure I was a hassle especially in the beginning, because this was my first time ever producing anything, and the team helped so much along the way. We've built a great relationship and I'm looking forward to what's to come."

    Cody Rode

    How Deep Will You Go

    "My experience with Oomph as a first time self-publisher was exactly what I needed. They helped me through everything from file types to delivery updates, and made the process less daunting."

    Kristen Mott

    Dinosaur Exhibit

    "We've been working with the Oomph team for a few years now and the experience has been nothing short of fantastic. Shari, Lynda and the rest of the team treat us like family, they're quick to respond to messages, go above and beyond to make sure the factory understands all our unconventional requests, and have always made sure our products exceed even our own expectations."

    Esther Perel

    Belgian-American Psychotherapist, Author of Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence

    "Oomph is truly the ‘magic' place to print your creative promotional needs. They always make you feel like family and help every step of the way to make sure your idea comes out the way you envisioned, if not better. I haven’t found a place that has a larger variety of quality items they can customize for you! Always a pleasure doing business with them, I’m sure you’ll be a returning customer as well."

    Matt Busch

    Artist on Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Stranger Things

    "I have nothing but gratitude for Oomph. From the first conversation, where I’d nearly given up finding a stateside partner to help me with my concept conversational game, ONE GOOD SEED, I was always in good hands. Brooke has been an amazing resource of ideas, suggestions and trusted counsel as I navigated design decisions, financial delays and too many obstacles to detail here. Although my ideal path put me with an amazing partner, in actuality it turned out better than I’d ever hoped. I can’t wait to see what we turn out next."

    Kimblyn Harris

    Founder. ONE GOOD SEED

    "When my wife and I had the idea for making Unhappy Campers, we didn't know where to start. We were campers and hikers, not game developers! Fortunately for us, our trail led us to find the wonder team at Oomph. Brooke made the entire process SO much easier - I can't recommend her enough! The entire staff at was professional, communicative, and helped us produce a high-quality product that we are thrilled with. If you are thinking about starting a new game project, you've found the right partners to help get you there!"

    Garrett Tanner

    Unhappy Campers

    "I have been working with the Oomph team for years. Of all the vendors we use — and there are many — their team is by far the most responsive, clear, and on top of the details. They are proactive with solutions when we have questions and are worth every penny for their skillful collaboration and production know-how."

    Meg Moorhouse

    Love & Victory

    "I just created my very first card game, Know Your Neighbor®, and hired Oomph to produce it. My Project Manager, Kat M., was beyond incredible throughout the entire process. Being a first time game creator can be very overwhelming, but Kat was informative, kind, responsive, and supportive. As for my game (boxes and cards), they all look amazing, very colorful, professional, and oh-so-fun! I give Oomph and Kat my highest recommendation."

    Sara Horak

    Creator of Know Your Neighbor® card game

    "I’ve worked with Oomph for 10 years now. They’ve manufactured a board game and multiple books for me, and many reprints of both. With each project, they have been conscientious and responsive to my requests. And, most important, they deliver high quality results."

    Luke Crane

    Burning Wheel

    "My husband and I started our military-focused gaming business in 2015 with limited knowledge of the supply chain. Amy, Yvonne, and the Oomph team worked with us to transform ideas on a computer screen to a complete line of card games. Their patience and professionalism are unmatched in the industry "

    Joette Coble

    Owner, Disgruntled Decks LLC

    "For the past 10 years, AdMagic (Oomph) has actually done magic for us. They've taken my ideas and passions and turned them into card decks and tools that have started over 5 million conversations all around the world. They're always super responsive and go above and beyond to make sure everything goes to plan! "

    Chad Littlefield, M.Ed.

    Co-founder & Chief Experience Officer - We! And Me

    "Oomph is my go-to team for all manufacturing. I've personally seen them move mountains to get products made for their clients and they've done the same for me. Early in my career, they guided my efforts when I needed it most and I literally wouldn't be where I am without them. They are simply the best in the business at making card games and I recommend them to anyone who needs production. Where other manufacturing partners say 'no,' Oomph always finds a way. "

    Blaise Sewell

    Feels Right Design

    "Without Oomph, Lay Waste Games would not be where it is today. Thank you for believing in us. Now let's eat some goodies in celebration of the future. Roar! "

    Jon Ritter-Roderick

    Lay Waste Games

    "Oomph is a fantastic partner, especially for creatives in the games industry! They're experienced with every part of the production chain, from top-quality printing, warehousing, fulfillment, distribution, and especially freight and import (where many other vendors stumble!). The whole team is led by Shari Spiro, an energetic and inspiring leader who always goes the extra mile for her clients. "

    Karlee Esmailli

    Secret Hitler Operations Manager

The Oomph
"We Navigate The Nitty Gritty"
Peace-Of-Mind Guarantee

Use Oomph as your supply chain implementer and we will do all of the nitty gritty for you, giving you peace of mind that everything is being handled, leaving you to do the fun stuff like ideation and marketing.

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