Cards Against Humanity

Oomph is maybe best recognized for our ongoing partnership with the iconic brand, Cards Against Humanity.

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The history

It started with a phone call from two recent college grads, who were looking for someone to create 1400 copies of a game they had dreamed up on New Year’s Eve. Two weeks later, they increased the  quantity to 20,000. Eventually, it was 100,000 at a time and, ultimately, we have shipped over 300 containers of Cards Against Humanity around the globe!

Hand holding a ticket to the short film festival
Bottles of Clam - O - Maise

What we did

Along the way we’ve executed some pretty wild promotions for Cards Against Humanity. Some highlights:

  • A significant initial 100,000 piece holiday mailing that contained a puzzle and other items, including a small lump of coal (which we sourced) that had to fit into the envelope.
  • Another mailing that required the sourcing of authentic bullshit which we had harvested and then had dried in Texas. We packaged the manure in jewelry style boxes and sent the crap on its way.
  • The next holiday mailing was 250,000 pieces and it contained another puzzle which included clues that led people to an island in Maine and the combination to a 1000 pound safe which we transported across the ice and stashed on the island.
  • We figured out how to freeze packs of Cards Against Humanity cards inside frozen pops (which meant modifying wrapper machines to accommodate the oversized pops) which we then packaged and shipped across the country in a convoy of refrigerated trucks to Seattle in time for a show where the pops were sold via an ice cream truck.
  • More recently we developed a mayonnaise product that was specially seasoned with a clam flavoring and into which we dunked packs of wrapped Cards Against Humanity cards.
  • Next was a film festival promotion that included a 30 card expansion pack of movie-based Cards Against Humanity cards in a box of popcorn, along with some Clamonaise seasoning. There was also a movie ticket inviting recipients to view a series of short films after which they could vote for the best film. The winning filmmaker would get $100,000 to produce a longer form of their film.

"Oomph has been a great partner for Cards Against Humanity since our very beginnings. Far beyond reliably providing the full supply-chain for all our products—from manufacturing through fulfillment of big-box POs—they've been creative problem-solvers for us on many zany projects: sourcing and shipping actual bull sh*t, assembling apocalyptic bug-out bags, developing custom mayonnaise with packs of cards inside the mayo . . . just to name a few. They are lovely people with an admirable "get it done" approach."

The team at Cards Against Humanity

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