Delivering 400,000 Games With a Box That “Meows”

Exploding Kittens initially looked to raise $10,000 through a Kickstarter campaign but, instead ended up raising $8.7 million (along with 219,000 backers) in just one month. This remains the number one most backed project in Kickstarter history!

  • Two women sitting at a table playing Exploding Kittens
  • Exploding Kittens box
  • Closeup of Exploding Kittens deck of cards and a hand holding several cards face up

What we did

To make it all come together, Exploding Kittens quickly engaged Oomph’s successful 3PL operation to help them navigate the massive task of fulfilling 400,000 pieces in a timely fashion.

Exploding Kittens Game layed out on table
Closeup of three people's hands playing Exploding Kittens

The outcome

But that wasn’t the only challenge. Exploding Kittens also insisted on a box that literally “meowed” when opened. To accomplish this, Oomph found a way to have a light-activated sound player embedded into the box so when the box was opened, it meowed. Then, to protect this unique technology, Oomph proactively had the technology patented on behalf of the client.

Finally, Oomph was able to get Exploding Kittens onto the shelves at both Target and Walmart, which, in turn, was a catalyst for distribution through literally hundreds of other retail outlets around the world.

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