Hey, There’s a Card Game in My Ice Pop!

When edgy card game maker, Cards Against Humanity, came up with the idea of freezing packs of cards inside ice pops, they dealt the brainstorm to Oomph for implementation.

  • Young man and woman holding up ice pops with card games packaged inside
  • Packages of Card Against Humanity ice pops in various flavors
  • Group of people waiting in line at an ice cream truck with a sign for ice pops

The challenge

To make it happen, Oomph had to first find a way to make oversized ice pops. That meant custom ice pop molds that Oomph had made in China that would be used to make ice pops large enough to house a pack of cards.

The molds were then shipped to the US where they were retrofitted into an existing ice pop making machine at a manufacturer that Oomph had secured. Oomph also had the cards printed in China printed and shipped here so they could be wrapped in food safe sleeves and inserted into the ice pops for freezing.

Because the ice pops were oversized, custom wrappers were required which meant a special slitting operation was needed for the wrapper material to fit on the standard wrapping machine.

Ice cream truck with menu consisting of Cards Against Humanity ice pops
Three packages of ice pops
Popsicle sticks with witty sayings on them

The solution

Finally, the card-carrying ice pops were manufactured and then packed into cartons and transported by a team of drivers via refrigerated truck (and for 52 hours) to arrive in time to be sold at a trade show in Seattle. The oversized, card-containing ice pops arrived at 5:00am and were loaded into an ice cream truck in time for the opening of the show.

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