How We Helped Turn This Game Into a Worldwide Phenomenon

Thanks to its spicy, controversial name, compelling gameplay, and ultra-premium, well-designed components, which Oomph was responsible for getting manufactured, Secret Hitler, a social deduction game, became a widely popular adult party game with a worldwide following.

  • Closeup of Secret Hitler Gameboard
  • Secret Hitler limited edition wood box set

What we did

Oomph’s original version of Secret Hitler included an exquisite walnut box and featured substantial, extra-thick chipboard pieces with a beautiful matte finish, all-wooden placards, expensive linen-stock cards and a high-end game board complete with elegant foil stamping. Nobody had ever made a game that was quite like this one.

This impressive presentation, orchestrated by Oomph, was instrumental to the worldwide success of the game. Secret Hitler was financed through a Kickstarter campaign launched in 2015. With a goal of $54,450, the campaign raised a total of $1,479,046 from almost 35,000 backers.

Secret Hitler Game in play
Secret Hitler cards
Dark wrapped shipping pallet

The history

The team came up with the idea for Secret Hitler as they were watching the Republican primaries in 2015. We were playing a lot of hidden identity games like Don Eskridge’s Avalon, and thinking about how the mechanics of those games mirrored how authoritarians take power in a democracy through deceit and manipulation.

They discovered very early on in playtesting that the game simulated the rise of fascism in 1930s Germany. The liberals have a majority, but they are often powerless to foil fascists with bad intentions, and often hand fascists too much power because it seems like a good idea at the time.

They struggled for months with the name, and eventually tried to call the game “Kill Hitler,” since one of the goals of the game is to assassinate Hitler and prevent World War II. But the name “Secret Hitler” stuck with the playtesting group, and people found it more memorable.  The name gets to one of the core ideas in the game, which is that when you’re in the moment, it’s very difficult to recognize fascists and do anything about them.

Fun fact

When we shipped the games into Europe there was so much stir around the name that we had to wrap the pallets in opaque black shrink wrap so no one could see the name in the warehouse.

"Oomph is a fantastic partner, especially for creatives in the games industry! They're experienced with every part of the production chain, from top-quality printing, warehousing, fulfillment, distribution, and especially freight and import (where many other vendors stumble!). The whole team is led by Shari Spiro, an energetic and inspiring leader who always goes the extra mile for her clients."

Karlee Esmailli

Secret Hitler Operations Manager

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