Let’s Give Away An Island

Long time client Cards Against Humanity cooked up an aggressive fundraising promotion called The 10 Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa to support the Sunlight Foundation.

  • Map section of Hawaii 2 Island
  • Full map of Hawaii 2 Island

What we did

The promotion consisted of 10 daily mystery gift mailings to each of 250,000 participants who donated $15 apiece. The mailings included clues to the location of an island (and a certificate of “ownership” to 1/250,000th of the island) that Cards Against Humanity had purchased and upon which was a safe within which was a prize for the first to find it.

Oomph produced, printed and orchestrated the mailing of (on consecutive days) all 10 pieces to each of the 250,000 people who donated. Oomph also secured the safe which was loaded onto a crane and transported by boat to the secret island, where it was then carried by a team of strong men to a platform in the center of the island.

The outcome

The promotion was a huge PR success for Cards Against Humanity and a success for Oomph as well, especially given the volume and timing of the mailings.

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