Making The Connection

When master connector, speaker, and "We! and Me" cofounder, Chad Littlefield, needed someone to bring his ideas for group engagement tools to fruition, he called on Oomph to get the job done.

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The solution

Oomph formulated all of the elements and then custom printed We Connect decks, We Engage decks, We Connect sticker packs and Connection Tool Kits along with a book.

Chad uses these items, which have to be eye-catching, substantial and yet cost effective, at his events to enhance coworker connectivity, improve engagement among colleagues, break the ice at gatherings, improve classroom cohesion, etc. for some of the most notable companies and institutions around including Starbucks, Goodwill, Penn State, and the University of Notre Dame.

Oomph made sure Chad had the right tools for the job.

We! Connect Cards Icebreaker Game
We! Connect Cards workshop
Connection Toolkit

"For the past 10 years, Oomph has actually done magic for us. They've taken my ideas and passions and turned them into card decks and tools that have started over 5 million conversations all around the world. They're always super responsive and go above and beyond to make sure everything goes to plan!"

Chad Littlefield, M.Ed.

Chad Littlefield, M.Ed.

Co-founder & Chief Experience Officer

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