Oomph, The Magic Behind The Success of Magic Puzzles

When world champion magician, Simon Coronel, and his team developed Magic Puzzles, 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles featuring exquisite, original artwork, 50 hidden Easter eggs, and a magical surprise at the end, they reached out to Oomph to make it all happen.

  • Closeup of a Magic Puzzle
  • Magic Puzzle box

What we did

First, Oomph cracked the code on developing the extremely technical design files that allowed for the all-important magical puzzle surprise. Then, Oomph handled the manufacturing of the highly unique and exquisitely designed puzzles.

Assortment of Magic Puzzles in boxes
Magic Puzzle pieces
Magic Puzzle pies in their packaged envelope

The outcome

Ultimately, Magic Puzzles became a big Kickstarter success story after which Oomph followed suit by getting the puzzles onto the shelves at Walmart.

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