Turning a Clever Game Into a Collector’s Item

Doomlings is a collectible card game created by LA based commercial producer, Justus Meyer, started during the pandemic. Ironically, the game is based on catastrophic events that could end the world.

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  • Doomlings game box
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The challenge

Meyer engaged Oomph with the goal of producing a visually exceptional product. The unique manufacturing features that Oomph incorporated included high-end holographic foil boxes with full color overprint and special Holofoil printed cards with a rich linen finish. This contributed to the mystique that made the game collectible.

Manufacturing challenges included finding a way to assemble the cards so that no two packs were the same. After a wonderfully successful (top 1/10th of one percent) Kickstarter launch, Oomph helped Meyer get Doomlings into Target and Walmart.

Doomlings collectors box

The outcome

In time, Oomph brought Doomlings cute characters to life in the form of high-end squeezable plushies which were manufactured abroad. To save on overseas shipping costs, Oomph cleverly had the air sucked out of the plushies so they could ship flat.

Doomlings continues to be a big success and, thanks to Oomph, is one of the top new products brought to market during the pandemic when supply chain issues stopped any number of brands in their tracks.

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