Oomph is made up of several specialized divisions each of which focuses on their area of expertise but all of which work together to bring your brainstorm to life.

Print & Play
Prototypes & Small Run Manufacturing
Sales Agency
Promotional & Large Run Manufacturing
  • AdMagic


    AdMagic is our promotional and large print run division with offices in New Jersey and best in class facilities in China. Our partnered facilities meet the strictest standards of responsible sourcing and sustainability to ensure we produce ethically and in compliance with local laws and international standards; which allows us to have direct import capabilities with the biggest retailers in the world. AdMagic provides skilled and experienced Project Managers that help turn your idea into a reality.

  • Breaking Games

    Breaking Games is our sales agency and publishing division with offices in New Jersey. Our team works with the buyers from Walmart, Target, Amazon and hundreds of other retailers to get products on shelves and in front of millions of customers. We analyze sales, inventory, and market trends to forecast and provide valuable insights into the health of your business across all retail channels.

  • Print & Play

    Print & Play

    Print & Play is our prototype and small print run facility located in Washington State. Whether you are an established publisher or a first-time designer, we are here to make your idea a reality. Print & Play provides excellent customer support, timely processing, and quality printing and craftsmanship from right here in the U.S.A.

  • Blackbox

    Blackbox is our freight, logistics, and fulfillment facility located in New Jersey. We’re a 3PL company here to help get your products where they need to go, when they need to get there. Our team has over 30 years of freight experience both domestic and internationally. We offer storage, fulfillment across order platforms (crowdfunding, ecommerce, mass market), and special project work like kitting, labeling, and shrink wrapping.

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